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So anyone that has read my story knows I have 2 uteruses, 2 cervixs and 2 vaginas. There's not too much on the internet about this, No statistics anyway, like how will it effect me? Is this why I've had heavy periods before? How will it effect pregnancy? when I'm ready for that!...

So far, the only thing that has effected me personally is not being able to use tampons as there are 2 holes! I can live with that though.
When I was younger, & had my first period, it was pretty normal.. Then I got another one 2 weeks later!! Coincidence? Or was it one from each uterus? And the thought that I might not be able to have children really scares me! I've read quite a few success stories, but I've also read lots of stories of ladies who just have miscarriage after miscarriage!!

I want to know statistics, I want to know other peoples experiences. I've seen my doctor and she doesn't really seem to know too much about it either. There are a few different types of uterus didelphys, some people don't have the vaginal septum, some people have heart shaped uterus, some have a double uterus & just the one cervix. I've uploaded some photos to show these. Please feel free to ask any questions, and please share your stories :)

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